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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hair Tips | Trim Split Ends In Two Strand Twists

Trim Split Ends In Two Strand Twists
MYTH: Frequent trimming will help your hair to grow!

No, no sweetheart. That's a JACKED UP myth...

TRUTH: Hair grows from your roots and not your ends.

Trimming your ends will make your style appear neater, not promote hair growth. Whoever told you that was surely jealous of your hair, in hopes that you would trim it frequently. Fool me once...you know the rest...

Here are a few reasons to trim your hair, if needed:

  • Ends are frizzy and fuzzy
  • Single strands knots and split ends
  • Damaged ends and lack of curl definition (heat damage)
  • Hair is unmanageable or tough to deal with
  • Tangles too easily with manipulation
  • Tough to detangle while dry or wet and hair snags often
  • Excessive shedding!

How To Trim Split Ends In Two Strand Twists

  1. Make sure your hair is detangled before you twist your hair. Twist the section of hair so that it's neat and smooth.
  2. Trim above the straggely ends of the twist.
  3. Repeat this process throughout the entire head. There should only be a light 'dusting' of hair on your counters or floor. 
I find this method to be the easiest for me to do without having to flat iron my hair to trim or to trim while my hair is curly. To me, this is the most precise way to trim the straggely ends off to continue on my healthy hair journey.
Trim On Flat Ironed Hair, Optional

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Natural hair says: you may be one of those who don't trim your hair and that's something you chose for your hair regimen. However, if you do notice any damage to the ends of your hair, it may be best to trim/cut them off to continue on your healthy hair journey.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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