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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Kimmaytube pH-Balanced Leave-In Conditioner


I have been on a Kimmaytube binge lately on her "secrets" on her successful journey of hair growth and healthy hair. I've mostly watched her old-old videos from 2010 to 2014, before she cut her waist length hair to APL. She has a lot of great information on the structure of hair and other great topics that would be beneficial to your healthy hair journey...but I've found something I could use for myself.

Learning the importance of pH Balance in terms of healthy hair.

This topic has not only been on Kimmaytube, but one that has been discussed with the importance of healthy hair forever!! I was literally shocked that I'm still learning new things (maybe not new to you) to help me with my hair growth goals and continue with my healthy hair journey. So here I am taking lots of notes on pH balance and using my test strips to see if all my hair products are pH balanced.

One product I'm actually excited to try is the Kimmaytube pH-Balanced Leave-In Conditioner Recipe (Kim.LI)!

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Kimmaytube pH-Balanced Leave-In Conditioner

Primary Ingredients:
2 tablespoons of YOUR preferred conditioner (silicone free)
2 tablespoons of (Whole leaf version) Aloe Vera Juice (may use Gel)
2 teaspoons of Castor Oil (optional)
2 teaspoons of Jojoba Oil

My Ingredients:
2 tablespoons of Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave-In 
2 tablespoons of Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Juice
2 teaspoons of Castor Oil
2 teaspoons of Sweet Almond Oil
5 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil

Put all ingredients in a spray bottle. Be sure to keep the spray bottle in the refrigerator when not in use.

Get a clean microwave-safe container to mix your ingredients

Feel free to substitute any oils and conditioner. The important part of KC is the pH Balance, which Aloe Vera Juice cannot be substituted. There is no smell really but if that is a problem you can always add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil.

Kim.LI should be applied to wet, freshly washed hair not hair with product build up . Be sure to make a new batch weekly to keep this product fresh.

How To Use:
After Washing (before drying), section you hair in 4-6 sections.
Spray one section starting with the ends and working your way to the roots to make sure the entire length is saturated with Kim.LI.
Add an oil (Hair And Body Oil) to the length of the hair. This will ensure the moisture is sealed and detangle one more time.
Healthy Hair Ingredient | Hair And Body Oil For Fine, Natural Hair

Either two strand twist or bantu knot that section. Complete all sections.

Final Thoughts

Even though I have been a naturalista since October 2012, there is still new information I'm learning to continue on my hair journey. From Kimmaytube, I have learned that one of her successes of retained length and achieving her goal of waist length hair is by consistently focusing on the pH Balance of the products she uses in her regimen.

For more information and help on Kim.LI, check out:

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Natural hair says: If you have having trouble with dry hair, split ends, and tangled hair, try the Kimmaytube Leave-In! Use this mixture for 3 months and compare the health of your hair. You won't be disappointed.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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