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Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Hair Diary | I Hardly Go To The Salon

How To | Flat Iron Natural Hair Safely 

I have been thinking about getting my hair flat iron to treat my hair on being 4 years natural! So I thought I would go to the salon and get my hair straightened for my pleasure...

...but then I did some thinking...

...I absolutely do NOT like going to the salon whatsoever! I know I want to get my hair flat ironed and the professional way is the best way to do it, but there are lots of reasons why I hardly go to the salon:


I definitely get why there would be double-booking because 1) people don't show up, 2) the styles beauticians do don't take too long, 3) more pay for the day, 3) over laps customers (one under the dryer, one doing a conditioner treatment, and one in the chair), and a lot of other reasons as well. I absolutely get those reasons.

However, I absolutely HATE being on other people's time. So if my appointment time is not my appointment time ALONE, then I'm walking right back out that door.

Atrocious Detanglers

Say what you will about being gentle and careful with my hair...uh huh. I don't feel you when that fine-tooth comb goes through my completely dry hair. I was literally told," Oh, those are just your ends..." I don't care if my ends are all the way split, there's not reason to comb through my hair like I'm your worst enemy. Best believe, I left a salon with my hair looking crazy, but with all of my hair intact.

Just Being Extra While On The Phone Or With Others

I'm all good with talking about the latest subject or even having a few laughs at the salon, but I'm there on business. Do all the talking you need to do, but please stop talking with your hands and get a Bluetooth if need be. I know you have a personal life, but my goodness!! I'm not trying to be part of it like that.
My Hair Diary | I Hardly Go To The Salon

The Extra Cost For Natural Hair

When my hair was relaxed, it didn't cost much to do a regular wash and style set. I happen to do this regimen every two weeks for years. But when I became fully natural, it costs way too much for my hair to be done - even when I'm treating myself every once in a while. I feel the pre poo-detangle-wash-protein-deep conditioning-styling and be a lot of a stylist, but honestly I can do that at home myself. The best thing I would do is do all the steps above and go in for styling, but again I can do that at home myself.

Use Too Many Tools

How To | Flat Iron Natural Hair Safely

I don't get my hair flat ironed often, but I'm all about flat iron safety. I would usually let the beautician do the entire process...but leaving the salon would make my head feel like it's been caught in a blender. Like forreal!! She would use (after deep conditioning): hooded dryer, blow dryer, flat iron, hot comb, and curling iron (stove set). Like OMG!!! I'm surprised I still had hair on my head!
My 3rd Year NappyVersary | My Mini Chop From Heat Damage
All of the heavy artillery on my hair caused me to experience terrible heat damage as well...

So yes...I don't have anything too personal against hair stylists nor their salons. However, you won't see my hair up in one unless you come highly recommended with 5 references and a look book with styles on real people.

Just saying...I need to really like my stylist and for him/her to know exactly what he/she is doing to my hair without there being an episode.

Check out:

Natural hair says: Be cautious what is going on with your hair at all times, especially in other people’s hands. If you aren't feeling the stylist, GET OUT OF THE CHAIR!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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