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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Natural Hair Inspiration | Double Buns On Fine, Natural Hair

Alyssa Wallace - IG @foreverflawlyss

I need this style in my life! 

I was looking for cute styles to try out and I saw this double bun style (above) and thought it was the most awesome style ever! So I thought I would try this for myself, just to have a little fun with my hair and to do something different.

I'm not straying from my goals for this year, but I would love to see  how my hair would look. I saw this style and I knew that I just had to do it! So here is my style for the week: Double Buns On Fine, Natural Hair

Let's Get Started!


This style was inspired by Alyssa Wallace aka ForeverFlawlyss, which her YouTube channel is Alyssa Forever is so simple to do. I really wanted something cute for the week, but chic and cute for my own creative style.

Regimen And Products

I did this style on an old twist out. I used Kimmaytube Leave-In Conditioner and Shea-Hibiscus Crème to moisturize and seal effectively. I parted my hair from ear to ear and clipped the bottom half. Then, I parted the top section into two equals parts and clipped the two sections away. For the bottom half, I retwisted my hair in 8 twists and the top section in four large twists. I allowed this to set overnight.
Double Buns On Fine, Natural Hair
In the morning, I untwisted all of my twists and created two buns on the top sections with ribbon ties and bobby pins. For the bottom section, I massaged my roots with my fingers to gain more volume.

Check out 2 Buns Hairstyle Tutorial  to try the style for yourself!
Double Buns On Fine, Natural Hair


Natural Hair Inspiration 1 | Jasmine: Bunned Updo
Natural Hair Inspiration 2 | Queen: Easy High Bun 

Stay tuned for more styles!

Natural hair says: if you are in need of some styling inspiration, check out natural hair styles on YouTube to do something new with your hair!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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