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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Confessing My Own Thoughts | From Big Chop #2 To Where My Hair Is At Now, Oct 2016

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Now that I have reached 4 years natural, I really want to reflect where I'm at right now. Part of me is so excited about my hair growth since Big Chop #2...but another part of me is disappointed on where my hair is at now.
Let's me tell you why...

When I found my heat damage, it was in September 2015 (a year after my heat damage) and I chopped ALL of the damage in October to celebration my 3rd year of being a naturalista! At first, I was a little nervous about chopping my hair off, but knew that it was dumb for me to transition - so OFF my hair went!

I did not like my knew cut right when I did it. I thought that I would never accept my Big Chop. It took me a long time because I put so much effort to grow my hair and retain length that I just chopped off. I thought I just wasted my time.

But I realized that this is definitely a hair journey. So I started new hair practices (rice water rinse, henna gloss treatment, daily massage of hair and body oil, learning pH balance, etc.)

Then a year later...
Look how beautiful my hair is, when I got my hair flat ironed to treat myself for reaching 4 years!

I was so excited that my hair looked very thick (considering I have fine hair strands) and very full! I did not have wispy ends and my hair was everything I missed that year before. However, I was so glad that I did chop my hair off to finally see my hair like this!

Then I went to look at past pictures...
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I thought I was at the length of where I was at before chopping my hair off, but NOPE I surely was not. In November 2014, I was around APL (my hair is curled in the picture). This time, my hair is between SL and APL. Now granted, I'm very excited about how healthy my hair looks, but I would have loved to have that length back...

...so of course, I got a little discouraged...but then I looked at more pictures...

...look at my hair growth from my Big Chop!

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And now I'm back!

Look at that beautiful growth! I can't wait to see where my hair will be next year. Just keep the regimen simple and the products consistent and the healthy growth with come!

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This is a hair journey.

Natural hair says: continue to learn more about your hair. This is definitely a journey, so there are no easy ways about this. However, don't make this journey hard either. Document notes, take pictures, and read other natural hair journeys. This will inspire you to continue on your own.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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