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Sunday, October 16, 2016

eBook Review | When Good Hair Goes Bad: Tips and Tricks for Restoring Your Gorgeous, Healthy, Natural Hair

We are a society of the iPhone, Internet, and other technological things. We have become so engulfed in this society that we forget the simples things like picking up a book. Yes, I can go to the Internet and type anything about natural, coily, and kinky hair, but nothing beats the knowledge of the hair experts and authors of literature.

eBook Title:

Image result for When Good Hair Goes Bad: Tips and Tricks for Restoring Your Gorgeous, Healthy, Natural Hair
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When Good Hair Goes Bad: Tips and Tricks for Restoring Your Gorgeous, Healthy, Natural Hair


Nikki Walton (Curly Nikki)

Chapters And Pages:

7 chapters, 157 pages in total

Target Readers:

"Three years hence and ‘natural hair is the new yaki #5’. I still get thousands of emails, but the questions have changed. Rather than empowerment and emotional support, women are looking for quick fixes, tips and tricks. To respond to all those emails would be instant carpal tunnel syndrome and I’m pretty sure I am just one detangling session from already being there. So here it is ladies, my guide to help you through those times When Good Hair Goes Bad,"Quote by Curly Nikki

Favorite Author's Quotes:

"You were just trying to look your cutest, but you dropped your main piece for a TMOT (That Moisture Over There)! Now your 'do definitely needs some dew." When Good Hair Goes Bad, pg 66

"Nothing -I mean nothing- is worse than thinking you and your hairdresser were on the same page until that mirror turns around. The whole time she's telling you she slayed, and you're thinking %$*!& where? Slayed what?" When Good Hair Goes Bad, pg 74


Screenshot Images Of Good Hair

My Review:

Short Read And Straight Forward
Anyone who loves a good short-read that you don't need to decipher AND it's about hair, needs to pick up this book/ebook. It took me about 2 1/2 days to go read through and even take notes!

Easy To Understand And Light-hearted
Good Hair was not a tough read, like some books about hair. It was enjoyable because it reminded me of the light-heartedness of CurlyNikki.

"My Promise To You..."
Looking forward what I will learn from reading the chapter. The overview before the chapter gave me an idea of what I was going to learn, instead of finding out what's next from the Table of Contents.

Answering Question We All Want Answers To
Even though I have reached 4 years of being natural , there are still questions that I would love consistent answers to. Good Hair not only gave answers, but the answers were definitely in depth. There were step-by-step guides that help with understand the content as well.

Lots Of Great Tips And Hacks
There are many tips in Good Hair that I never thought to try or thought of for keeping my hair healthy. There are even tips and hacks on how to overcome hair problems and crazy hair issues, but keep you loving your hair. I found that aspect amazing!



Where To Purchase

When Good Hair Goes Bad
Download For Free NOW: CurlyNikki.com

Curly Nikki's Bio

Nikki Walton is a licensed psychotherapist with a master's degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina and the founder of CurlyNikki.com.

Born in St. Louis, she now resides in Pennsylvania.

Other Curly Nikki Books and References

Natural hair says: get more information from curling up to a good book, instead of just anything from the Internet.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are my own and I was not compensated to declare anything mentioned in my blog post.

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