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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Healthy hair Ingredient | Henna With Amla For Promoting Hair Growth

Henna With Amla For Promoting Hair Growth

What is Amla?

Amla powder is a tan powder that has been used as a staple in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.  It is made from drying Indian gooseberry, a small greenish yellow berry native to India.

The benefits of using Amla are:

  • Body And Shine
  • Promotes Hair Growth And Controls Hair Loss
  • Awesome Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • Reduce Dullness And Provides Vitamin C Nourishment
Also, if you want to reduce the red undertone of using the Standard Henna Recipe, add amla powder to the henna. 
Although I love the red undertone that henna gives, I DO NOT like the loosening effect it gives after multiple treatments. GOOD THING! Amla restores curls and prevents the loosening effect by using multiple henna applications.

Henna With Amla Recipe:

Henna With Amla For Promoting Hair Growth
100g henna (make sure it is the most recent Summer crop, Jamila from Amazon)
1.5 cups water (or coconut milk)

1/4 cup Amla
1 tbsp. Hibiscus (Decreases hair shedding and increases shine, Adds a red tint, Provides great slip)
1 tbsp. honey

Henna With Amla For Promoting Hair Growth
Microwave/plastic bowl with top
Saran wrap
Strainer (optional)
Coffee filter (optional)
Measuring cups

If you are going for the color aspect of henna, no need to sit overnight. The acidity of the hibiscus tea will release the lawsone of the henna as you create your mixture.

Henna With Amla For Promoting Hair Growth

Tips To Remember

Start on clean, detangled hair...

Have EVERYTHING ready before even touching the henna!

Put your gloves on (unless you want orange nails and fingers). Rub Vaseline on your ears, forehead, and neck so you won't get any stains from the henna.

Henna With Amla For Promoting Hair Growth
Apply VERY SLOWLY...there is no need to rush. Once your hair is full of henna and 4-6 twists, wrap your hair with saran wrap, plastic cap, knee-high sock (just in case henna tries to seep out), and an old bonnet.

Henna With Amla For Promoting Hair Growth

Allow to sit over night to set (especially if you want the color) and rinse out (not while you are in the shower) with your head leaning over  the bathtub. Use the shower head or bathtub head to rinse the henna out THOROUGHLY. This could 3-7 rinses depending on how much henna is in your hair and how long your hair is. Use conditioner if you need help with rinsing the henna out.

Once the water runs clear from your hair, proceed with deep conditioning your hair. Henna is considered a great protein treatment which could leave your hair dry (that's why the honey was used to add moisture to the mix
Henna With Amla For Promoting Hair Growth

Natural hair says: if your hair is fine, thin, damaged, excessively shedding, or you just want a good conditioning session, try using henna. If you find that henna is loosening your curl pattern, try adding amla to your mixture.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J 

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