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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Weave Tips | How To Prep...For My LAST Senegalese Twists Install

How To Prep For Senegalese Twists
Time to go back to my favorite twists...which will be my ABSOLUTE LAST TIME!

I used get this style at least 2-3 times a year to 1). put my hair away***, 2). reboot from doing my hair so much, and 3). get over my hump and frustrations of running out of styling options I'm WILLING to do.

But there are more cons than pros when getting this style. However, since it's the holiday season, I thought I would go back to this style.

If you need a line-up, here are older installs I have for tips:

Hair Styles For Senegalese Twists

Prepping The Hair

Hair Styling Options For Senegalese Twists

Protective Style Series Vol 10.1 | Prepping The Hair For Long-Term Style   

Protective styling is great for 1). protecting the ends of your hair, 2). help retain length, and 3). be a useful tool to take a break from natural hair. This will be a nice break for the holiday season with my family and friends.

Just a look into the future...

Tight Senegalese Twists Install - Tight Roots

Broken Baby Hairs - Fine Edges

Two of the biggest reasons why I WILL NOT get Senegalese Twists ever again!

Check out my Senegalese Twists Journey:

Check out other ways to prep your hair:

Natural hair says: if you are planning to get your hair in a long-term style, pamper your hair on your own by following these steps. You want to minimize the stress on your hair as possible.
Always Desire Your Natural,
Christina J

 ***The first time I went to a braider (back in 2011), I washed my hair but did not blow dry it straight. Mind you, I was transitioning with my natural roots and relaxed ends. This braider used her regular comb (not wide tooth) and her hair dryer and began to break my neck with her "detangling methods." I saw small pieces of hair flying everywhere and she had no remorse for my hair. Never again did I go to her nor did I go get my hair braided without having my hair dry and straight.

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