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Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Hair Diary | My Top 5 Natural Hair Mistakes In 2016

Fine Natural Hair - Shoulder Length

I definitely had lots of mistakes of 2015...but, 2016 has surely been a great year for me from learning how to be the best mother to my two year old toddler (there is no manual for parenting!), learning more of my husband's swag, and just coming into my own as a dancer (more info coming soon). But I will say I have really accomplished with learning and appreciating my natural hair even more in 2015 than the years before. I have learned about my hair fully, done numerous natural and extension styles, stayed with my hair care regimen, and even did Big Chop Number #2!

However, with accomplishments there are also mistakes and failures. That is what a healthy hair journey is about! If you do not make the mistakes or going through the failures, there would be no way to make yourself better at caring for your own hair.

Well, here are my 5 top natural hair mistakes of 2016:

Getting My Hair Flat Ironed

Like seriously! I'm never doing that again...I was trying to be cute for my My 4th Year Nappyversary and decided to get my hair flat ironed...and I tried my hardest to prep my hair for heat. The flat iron was at the lowest setting, I used the proper heat protectant, and the stylist did one pass through each section of my hair. But I suppose my hair is not made for getting flat ironed!

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No getting my ends trimmed

I need to do this more to keep my ends healthy. I did lots of dusting not so much of trimming. I'm sure if I up my trimming game, my ends would be more healthy.

Protective styles anyone?

I did these more at the end of the year, but I need to keep up with my healthy regimen to keep my ends healthy and my hair retaining length. This year, I mostly did OUT styles and some protective styles...but I know that the 5 IN/2 OUT work best to keep my hair protected and retain length.

Taking out "wet styles"

Yeaaaaaa....I did a lot of that will my curly/natural styles. I need to take out more time to properly prepare.

Throwing styles together

I need to look at pictures more to see exactly what I'm going for, instead of jeopardizing my hair for put together styles. I literally ran out of ideas to do for my hair...meaning no kind of preparation on what products to use.

Natural hair says: setting goals for your hair journey are based on knowing your mistakes and failures of the past. That's is how you are able to have a successful healthy hair journey.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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