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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Weave Tips | The 5 Week Journey of My SenegaleseTwists

Hair Styling Options For Senegalese Twists

The time is finally here! It has already been 5 amazing weeks with my awesome protective style: Senegalese Twists. I am very proud of myself for keeping a style for that long and have really taken care of my hair during that duration...but!!!! The time has come to the end of my long-term protective style and get back to loving on my natural hair.

Let's check out the journey of my Senegalese Twists:

Week 1
Got my hair done!! Just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm planning to keep the twists for at least 5-6 weeks...I hope!

Auburn/Light Brown Senegalese Twists

I decided to go with the brownish-auburn color that's absolutely beautiful on my skin color. The hair I used is: Janet Collection Synthetic Hair Braids 3X Expression Braid 85" for a silky finish. It took about 6 hours with two braiders on my head, from 8:30-2:30.

Auburn/Light Brown Senegalese Twists

I love the finished results! The Braiders did use mousse and oil spray on my natural hair and braids. And of course - MY EDGES AND SCALP HURT!!!!! I should have known, but I will get through it...this one last time. I mostly wore my hair down anyways, which the braids loosened up at the roots 3 days after. So yes, it was very hard to think and sleep (and don't let me talk about the bumps on my edges)...my scalp has been feeling itchy here and there, but I keep my scalp moist with Carols Daughter Almond Milk Leave-In and Hair And Body Oil For Fine, Natural Hair.

Week 2
My twists are absolutely beautiful and so easy to keep up with! I have an amazing regimen and keep my natural hair moist and sealed. I haven't used edge control just yet, because there are NO edges to control...I do half up-half down styles to give my hair a bit more flair.

Auburn/Light Brown Senegalese Twists

However, my edges are still looking a bit irritated...sooo I don't do too much to my hair right now.

Auburn/Light Brown Senegalese Twists
Week 3
I'm definitely taking care of my natural hair during this install. I still haven't washed my hair yet, but I don't feel I need the extra attention yet.

Auburn/Light Brown Senegalese Twists

My twists completely loosened to comfortable level and my scalp is not itchy nor flaky. I do have some buildup along the edges because of my edge control to add some PI-ZAZZ to my baby hairs, but nothing too bad is going on.

Auburn/Light Brown Senegalese Twists

Week 4
This week I'm doing more stylish options with twisting and pinning. 
Auburn/Light Brown Senegalese Twists

Theses are more Avant-Garde to my liking, which I can keep for a few days before redoing. I mostly keep the bottom half of my twists in a ponytail/French braid and do something cute to the top part of my bangs, like a Pomp or Hump.

Auburn/Light Brown Senegalese Twists

I still have not cleansed my scalp nor hair yet...but I do moisturized my hair at least 3 times a week with my Carols Daughter Almond Milk Leave-In and Hair And Body Oil For Fine, Natural Hair.

Week 5
Ooooo-weeee! It's about that time...my roots (and especially my edges) are going like CRAY-CRAY! This is an awesome thing, but the hang-time is real!! I wear my hair in a high bun all the time and everyday. I add accessories here and there, but this style keeps my twists from doing extra twisting at the roots and keeps my new growth from tangling on each other.
High Bun With Senegalese Twists

I have so much buildup on my edges...I know it's time to take these out!


I really enjoyed my Senegalese twists...but I'm over the style entirely!

Check out my Senegalese Twists Journey:

Natural hair says: long-term styles are pretty fun to have, which give you a break from doing your own hair. But it does take work to keep your style upkept, sometimes even more than with your natural hair. Give yourself time to care for and style your braids and twists. Patience is still the key.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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