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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Weave Tips | New Growth And Senegalese Twists

New Growth From Senegalese Twists

Look at that NEW GROWTH!

After 5 weeks of the protective style of Senegalese Twists, I'm soooo ready to take out my hair!!! I am so excited to have my natural back in my loving and caring hands.

Let's get it started!!!

How To Safely Take Out Senegalese Twists

My hair has really grown a lot during this install and now it's time to take this out once and for all! Whenever I take out Senegalese twists, I tend to do a two-day hairSpa treatment and to allow me to TAKE MY TIME!!

DAY 1: Taking Out The Twists
Section your braids into 4-6 manageable sections.
How To Safely Take Out Senegalese Twists

Cut your braids 2 inches below your own natural hair. Mix water and conditioner in a spray bottle to lubricate your braids before taking out. I used distilled water and Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture And Shine Hydrating Conditioner. Your hair will be vulnerable and delicate, so this concoction gives your hair moisture and lots of slip to get the braids out and to detangle the shed hair out as well.
How To Safely Take Out Senegalese Twists

As you complete each section, use an oil on that section to fully detangle with your fingers and to ensure all loose hairs are out. Then bantu knot/two strand twist that section of hair to keep stretched and detangled. I used Olive Oil. 
5 Weeks Shedding From Senegalese Twists

Quick Tip: If you do not finish all the braids in one day, put a plastic cap over what was already done. Then finish the rest the next day.
DAY 2: Wash Day
After leaving the oil on my hair to pre-poo overnight, it is time to do my full wash day to cleanse and condition my curls:
Clarify - Daily Clarifying Suave Naturals Shampoo
ProteinGreen Tea Rinse
Deep conditioning - Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Masque
Leave In and Oil - Aloe Vera Juice and Hair And Body Oil
Broken Hairline From Senegalese Twists

My baby hairs are going to need lots of love!

Quick Tip: Don't get braids too small nor too tight

This is so important for your own hair health. Do not get comfortable with braids so tight that if the braider moves your braids, you flinch. And watch out for your edges! When your braider is braiding your edges, hold your finger down on the root. Putting your finger down on the root will relieve some stress to that area.
Washing Natural Hair With Daily Clarifying Suave Naturals Shampoo

My entire scalp was begging to be cleansed! This shampoo definitely did the trick. I massaged the Poo to my scalp and left in for about 5 minutes. I rinsed the Poo out, which allowed it to rinse down my hair to cleanse. My hair was SOOOOOO clean!!! My hair did not feel too stiff nor too dry.
Wash N Go 

This is the style I wanted to try...and it came out really nice!

Check out more Hair Tips | Washing Regimen For Fine, Natural Hair for information on my FAV wash day regimen and products.

Here's to loving my natural hair!!!

Check out my Senegalese Twists Journey:

Natural hair says: after you have a long-term style, makes sure to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of build up, use a protein treatment to strengthen your strands, and deep condition your hair to return the moisture to your strands. Remember to have patience with your hair during this process. Your hair will surely thank you for the TLC!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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