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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Roller Set | Flexi Rod Natural Hair With ApHogee Style and Wrap Mousse

Flexi Rod Natural Hair With ApHogee Style and Wrap Mousse

I absolutely love doing flexi rod set styles! I don't do them too often because the rollers are so uncomfortable to sleep in. But when I do decided to do this style, it comes out very beautiful! The last time I did this style was June 2016. So let's try another set!

Products For The Flexi Rod Set:

Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner
Aphogee Style and Wrap Mousse
Blue Flexi Rods
Denman Brush (for detangling)

Setting The Wet Perm Rod Set

Before you do anything, clean your flexi rods!!! 
I would usually do the Corkscrew Method for curling my hair. But this time I decided to rod my hair in the normal fashion. Check out Natural Hair | Heatless Coily Perm Rod Corkscrew Curls Set Tutorial for a visual tutorial!

Start with freshly washed and damp hair. Section hair in four to six sections for easier setting for the style. Make sure your hair is detangled when working in each section. I sectioned my hair with bantu knots to keep my hair stretched and easy to manage.

Flexi Rod Natural Hair With ApHogee Style and Wrap Mousse

It is easier to start from the back to the front. Section a small section of hair and spray a moisturizing mist, then add your styler. Be sure to smooth the products into your hair and to really get the ends as well.

Starting at the end of your hair, roll the flexi rod UPWARDS to your scalp until you reach an inch of your scalp. Then do a "figure-8" motion to the flexi rod and bend the end down to secure. Continue to do this all over your hair.

Once complete you can air dry overnight or use your hooded dryer to set the hair. Make sure the hair is completely dry before taking out the rollers.

Once hair is completely dry, take out all the rods. Separate the curls for a fuller look and use a pick to lift the roots, to hide the parts in the hair.

Flexi Rod Natural Hair With ApHogee Style and Wrap Mousse


Check out more rod styles:

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Natural hair says: flexi rod set are so easy to do and as long as you use a moisturizer, a setting/curling lotion, and wait for your hair to completely dry, your curls should come out a beautiful masterpiece created by YOU!!
Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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