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Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Hair Diary | My 2017 Goals For My Natural Hair Journey

My Hair Diary | My 2017 Goals For My Natural Hair Journey

So now that you know my mistakes of 2016 here are my The Top 5 Things I Want To Accomplish in 2017 With My Natural Hair:

Keep Specific Regimen and Products 

I'm so seriously this year around! Last year I dabbled in some new products, and even ones  that I didn't like nor need. I'm buckling down on my products and will continue with my noted hair regimen. I definitely have everything I need for going into my Treatment-Heat Damaged Recovery Year.

Last year I did all kinds of DIY products, but for 2017 I pretty much know what I like. I want to keep: rice water rinse, green tea rinse, henna(all recipes), hair and body oil, and hair and body creme. I mostly love raw mango and raw cocoa buttersSweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil/JBCO, and essential oils. So I'll keep using everything I have until it runs out and keep purchasing my staples.


Castor Oil/JBCO
I will definitely keep up with massaging my scalp at least 4 times a week with castor oil, which is my favorite oil to use. I will love to try castor oil in my deep conditioner for more conditioning benefits. I also have my essential oils to add with Castor Oil/JBCO. Also, my edges and nape hairs have been screaming for some love and affection. So this year with my Treatment-Heat Damaged Recovery, I'm going to add more love to my edges and baby hairs and see how they come out by the end of this year!

Try 4 New Styles

I definitely want to go all in this year especially with protective styles, instead of keeping my hair out like I did for 2016. So I'm thinking more with crochet braids and styles that have less tension on my own hair. I'm thinking Faux Locs, Havana Twists, Janelle Monae Ponytail, 2 Long French Braids

Attend Natural Hair Meetups, Events, And Shows

This was my same goal LAST YEAR...and the year before! And sadly I did not attend any, but I'm remaining optimistic...and have already attended a natural hair meetup!!!

PHOTOS: Indy's ClassyCurlies Vision Board Event 2017 

I had an absolutely wonderful time with my Natural Sistas! I'm part of Indy's ClassyCurlies, which is a natural hair group in Indianapolis. We have about 250 women! If you are in the Indianapolis area and would like to join the group for free - check it out Here's the link!

Reach Bra-Strap Length! 

Fine Natural hair Length Goals For 2017

Front: 15 inches
Sides: 14 inches
Middle: 15 inches
Back: 14 inches
I truly believe that I can come from almost APL to my under boob to be on track for my ultimate length goal of waist length. As Black Hair Information always puts it, "With Health Comes Length." As long as I keep my hair healthy then I can definitely achieve this Yearly Goal!

Right now I'm at:
Front 11 inches
Sides: 10 inches
Middle: 10.5 inches
Back: 10 inches

I have found that I can retain 1.5-2 inches of growth every 3 months. My normal rate is 1 inch every 3 months. I'm going to do my best to retain the length grown. I do like the hair challenges so I will continue with them. I haven't done too much massaging, so I will definitely implement that again! My Castor Oil Challenges seem to be the best I have done for healthy hair and retaining length. So using that will be most of my focus for my Treatment-Heat Damaged Recovery Year.


I am definitely ready for this year with my hair care arsenal ready! And of course, I will have other goals created to complete throughout the year. 


I have evolved my website so much since last year that I'm still have fun with sharing my heathy hair experiences! I did get to add non-hair things (urban article, goals, etc) about myself and will continue to add more. I do this more for myself and to keep track of what I'm learning. I still reference my own website before I check anything else. 

I have calmed down a whole bunch to writing maybe 3 articles every 4 months which is pretty sad. So I need to at least get in 4 articles a month. I do want to check a mommy blog (last year goal) or add to my own about being a mommy. And I'm going to inquire about other blogs as well to be a freelance writer.

Natural hair says: if you know the mistakes you faced with your hair, you will be able to plan for goals and inspirations for the next year. Plan for goals for your hair and see how far you can go.

Write them down in a notebook, on your phone, in a calendar book, or on your forehead, but have a plan. Good luck this year!

Always Desire Your Natural AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!,

Christina J

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