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Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Hair Diary | Don't Give Up On Your Natural Hair, Part 2

My Mane Speaks | Don't Give Up On Your Natural Hair, Part 2

When I discussed my natural hair issues on My Mane Speaks | Don't Give Up On Your Natural Hair, I was trying to overcome jagged tresses and the "maybe" decision of going back to the relaxer...but this my mane started to encourage me.

This time around, this is my 4th year being a naturalista and a BRAND NEW YEAR!! Once again, my mane encourages me! On January 8, 2017 my beautiful and bouncy curls decided it was her turn to speak to me about my journey so far:

"My Sweet Sista! Remember how you felt when you did your Mini Chop from the Heat Damage of November 2014?"
My Hair Diary | My Mini Chop From Heat Damage 
"Well look at my baby now! Your hair has grown so much and in a healthy way. I will say that my little baby has grown so much hair in a short period of time!"
Fine Natural Hair Growth In 6 Months

"This was a great year where the Glow Up is surely real! Never thought this could happen to you?? Well, check the pictures my Sista! That's all the encouraging you need...keep doing what you are doing Hunny-Child"

Fine Natural Hair Growth In One Year
Hair Tips | 10 Tips to Longer, Healthier Natural Hair
Wash Day | Full Washing Regimen For Fine, Natural Hair

"And NO MORE HEAT!!! You surely don't need it."

Fine Natural Hair Growth In 3 Months

Check out more on my hair journey!

My Mane Speaks | Yasss Girl! Big Chop Number 2
The Birth of my Natural

Natural hair says: continue to learn more about your hair. This is definitely a journey, so there are no easy ways about this. However, don't make this journey hard either. Document notes, take pictures, and read other natural hair journeys. This will inspire you to continue on your own.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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