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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Non-Boiling Water/Fermented Method Rice Water Rinse, Take 2

Non-Boiling Water/Fermented Method Rice Water Rinse

Rice water has definitely become part of my bi-weekly regimen for maintaining healthy hair by:
  • decreasing the surface friction to keep my hair smooth and soft
  • improving my hair elasticity
  • add natural sheen and volume to my hair
I have researched and have used the Boiling Rice Water Rinse Method, which has INOSITOL (CARB) that repairs damaged hair and protects hair from damage. Since I have fine natural hair, it tends to break easily if not cared for properly.

So here I am again confirming that the rice water rinse has been one of the best treatments to maintain my healthy hair. Instead of using my usual fermented water, I will try the Non-Boiling Water/Fermented Method Rice Water Rinse:


1/2 cup rice
2-3 cups clean/pure water (fully covering rice)
bowl with top

Making Rice Water - Non-Boiling Water/Fermented Method:

  1. Rinse the rice with a strainer to remove dirt and impurities
  2. Place the rice in a bowl and cover with clean/pure water.
  3. Allow to soak for 30-45, until the water turns cloudy. This water will have the vitamins and minerals that you want, containing a high concentration of nutrients.
You may use now or continue on to the fermentation process:
  1. Strain the rice water into a clean bowl  with a top place and allow to sit at room temperature for one/two days. Warmer climates will allow the fermentation process will take less time.
  2. When a slightly sour smell arises from the rice water, stop the fermentation process. To stop the fermenting process, place in the refrigerator to cool down.

Non-Boiling Water/Fermented Method Rice Water Rinse
According to Nature Helps Me:
"After that most people advice to boil the liquid in order to stop fermentation process (most of them write about this tip on their websites). It is a huge mistake. Fermented rice water contains enough useful nutrients and once you boil this liquid – you will get plain water in which all vitamins are gone. It is the same as if you decide to drink beer but boil it beforehand."

Don’t use it at full strength!! Dilute with 3-4 cups of water, making a barely milky-looking mixture. Use more water for dry hair and less water for oily hair. You can add a few drops of essential oil or use alone. Rice water rinse should not be used more than once a week. You should prepare it fresh each time you need to use it.

How To Use Rice Water For Hair

On freshly washed hair, add the rice water to your hair and scalp. Let it sit for a 2-5 minutes and rinse out. This is used as your finishing rinse (like oil rinsing).

Pre-Poo - Castor Oil
Clarify - Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying Shampoo
ProteinHenna Gloss With Coconut Milk
Hair Rinse - Fermented Rice Water

Which method do I like better?

I do like the non-boiling water method better than the boiling method. My hair feels much softer and more moisturized with the non-boiling method. I have noticed less split ends, tangles, and stronger hair since using rice water in general, but I have noticed more shine and volume when using the non-boiling water method.

Rice water is the secret.
The Yao Women And Their Secret

For more information, check out:

Natural hair says: Use rice water as hair mask to get that long silky shiny hair. You can adjust potency of the rice water by adding more water if your hair is oily. Be patient, it may take a few tries to get the perfect potency for your hair type! Some people prefer to use the treatment before shampooing, so don’t be afraid to switch it up a little!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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