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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Crochet Braids | FreeTress GoGo Curl Review

FreeTress GoGo Curl Crochet Braids

I have received soooo many questions about my FreeTress GoGo Curl crochet braids. It's simple really...but I thought I go ahead and jot down the FAQs I have been getting about my hair and how to care for my hair during this long term:

"Is this style hard to do?"
Not at all! Check out my tutorial or other tutorials on YouTube. This is even the perfect style for a beginner.

"How do you make your hair look real? How you get that natural part?"

I checked out Tastepink YouTube Channel and she cleared that confusion. It's better if you check her page out...I cannot explain it in words... 

"How does your crochet hair behave? Does it tangle and mat?"
The hair doesn't mat too badly...but the hair does get caught on everything! Earrings are the worst ones, even if you are wearing studs. However, that was the only CON for me.
FreeTress GoGo Curl Crochet Braids

"How do you care for your natural hair and crochet braids?I use a water mist and olive oil three times a week. I use the ACV rinse, olive oil, and water mist (with Giovanni leave-in) for my weekly wash regimen. I also do the GHE method to really get moisture into my braiding pattern if I feel the daily routine is not enough. That moisturizes my hair and the crochet braids. 

I use a huge satin bonnet for the night. In the morning, I just shake and fluff.

How do you think your edges will be after this style?
Really good! I didn't braid my edges, which allowed me to really baby them with Castor Oil and to massage them. I did use Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel a few times, but after I added Castor Oil first.

When did you first think, "I miss my curls!"

I started missing my hair during the second week. My style was not getting old...I just wanted a new style.

FreeTress GoGo Curl Crochet Braids

Do your friends and family like your style?
Oh yes! Lots of compliments from the beginning to the end...I even had someone ask me to do this same style for them. 

How did you like your style?
I absolutely loved this style! The curl pattern is really pretty, it was super easy to cut-separate-and install, and I was able to care for my natural hair.

Is there anything you would change about your crochet braids?
I would have liked more of a bob shape, but I wouldn't change this style any other way!

I wish I would have added more hair for volume. When I first did my hair, I had so much volume...but as the weeks went by, the volume began to thin out. If I add more hair next time, I'm sure I would have the volume I wanted from the beginning.

FreeTress GoGo Curl Crochet Braids

The Future Of FreeTress Bohemian

Would I get this hair again?
I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this hair! I would get this hair again.

Would I recommend?
I definitely recommend this hair!

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Natural hair says: The best way to find the hair for you is to continue to try different kinds of brands and products. Do your research and try them for yourself. If you need any assistance, check out Facebook crochet braids groups, message boards, or check out Crochet Braids By Twana.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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