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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Natural Hair Tutorial | 6 Protective Styles That Will Save You Hours of Styling Time

Tall And Curly
I made a confession about how lazy I was at doing my hair lately. I know! I'm still a bit embarrassed about it. So instead of staying down in the dumps about it, I decided to look up styles that will save me hours of styling time.

Cornrows and flat twists are really cute, but can take lots of time and patience to get through the style. Here are 6 protective styles (my favs!) that will save you hours of styling time...especially when you don't feel like even doing your hair:

Before we get started:

Make sure your hair is clean and moisturized! This is so important, especially if you leave your style in for the week.

Style Of The Week
Natural Hair Inspiration 2 | Queen: Easy High Bun

Bun (High or Low)

Seriously, this is the easiest style anyone can do. You can either use a sock bun for more fullness or put your ponytail into 2-3 fat twists and pin in the style of a bun. This is my go-to when I want a more classic look. If you want to go really fancy, use Marley hair for added protection and fullness.
Natural Hair Inspiration 3 | Alicia James: The Perfect Sock Bun
Natural Hair Inspiration 2 | Queen: Easy High Bun
Natural Hair Inspiration 1 | Jasmine: Bunned Updo
Milk Maid/Halo Crown On Fine, Natural Hair

Milk Maid/Halo Crown/Crown Twist

This protective style is so simple and quick, but very sophisticated. You can even add hair accessories, like a flower clip or stylish head band, for added cuteness. I love doing this style when my twist out or wash n go are absolutely fails.
How To | Milk Maid/Halo Crown/Crown Twist On Fine, Natural Hair

Afro Drawstring Ponytail Biba Platinum

Ponytail/Afro Piece or Braidless Crochet Braids

If you happen to have hair laying around, you can up your easy protective style! Go for the drawstring ponytail for a different look than your simple bun or Afro puff. If you really want an illusion, put your hair in a high bun this do a braidless crochet braids into an updo. You can enhance your hair in 5-10 minutes with added help!
Natural Hair Inspiration 11 | Faux Tapered Crochet Braids Updo With Jamaican Twist Braiding Hair
How To | Enhance Natural Hair With Afro Drawstring Ponytail

Beanie/Fedora/Hat Styling

If you don't have time for any style (woke up late, style doesn't work out, etc.), bring out your cute hats and take your pick! Leave your curls out in front for a chic look. Sometimes, my hair doesn't dry completely overnight...so a hat it is! Make sure to put a satin scarf on your head to protect your hair from harsh materials (cotton, etc.)
Natural Hair Inspiration 18 | Head Wraps For Protective Style

Turban/Head Wrap

Head wraps and turbans are perfect when you just want to give your hair a break! Like seriously. If you can't get your style right or you are just over your hair, try a trendy and colorful head wrap to keep it moving. I love wearing headwraps with a bold lippie and big earrings for more of a statement. If you want more height in your turban style, add Marley hair to wrap around your bun.
Natural Hair Inspiration 18 | Head Wraps For Protective Style

Natural hair says: when you want to give your hair a break, try one of these styles! Your hair will thank you for your lazy-effort.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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