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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hair Diary | Damaged and Thinning Hairline: No Edges-Looking Mamma Bama!

Have you been keeping up with your hair diary?! I know I have!

I now update my hair diary every two weeks on Saturdays with the following details: washing regimen, styles done, issues and triumphs, thoughts, and my true feelings on "everything hair."

I keep my hair diary on an app, "My Wonderful Days," in which I can add pictures, videos, and of course my writing entry. I have kept this diary since July 2011.

I will share my entry that I posted on  April 23, 2017:


Damaged And Thinning Edges
Now look at this mess right here!

No, I'm not sick...No, my hair is not falling out...No, I'm not sleeping with a satin scarf...

The Culprits: Boar Bristle Brush and Edge Control

Now since I have fine hair, my baby hairs are already prone to damage and all kinds of breakage...but I still wanted that sleek finish. Sooooo sleek to wear it now looks like I went through postpartum hair shedding. Just #sigh.

But this breakage was definitely my fault...malpractice of caring for my baby hairs. So now I'm ACTING FAST!

Remedies I will try:

No Brush and No Edge Control
Seriously, this combination is not good for anything! Yes, I want sleek baby hairs, but I want to be able to style without pulling my hair out. So it's a double NO-NO to using these products together!

Damaged And Thinning Edges

Massaging Techniques
When I think of massaging my scalp, I literally go to the middle of my head and work my way around...but I always forget to massage my temple and around my frontal hairline.

If I really want to stimulate my massage, I would use a peppermint essential oil and rosemary essential oil mix with castor oil. This mixture will awaken your hair follicles and give blood circulation, which will promote hair growth. Doing daily scalp massages will make a difference in your overall hair health.

Damaged And Thinning Edges

No Tight Styles
I have given up on the Senegalese twists and sew-ins...but I absolutely love my sleek buns and halo twists! HOWEVER!!! These aren't protective styles if I continue to damage my baby hairs with a hard brush and sticky edge control. All this pulling and tugging to my hair will not do my baby hairs any good.

Damaged And Thinning Edges

I usually do my protective styles for a week, then wash my hair and do it again. So perhaps I can alternated between my protective styles and low manipulation styles during the week (4 days protective, 3 days low manipulation). This will allow my hair to not be manipulated too much to the point of damage on the ends, but this will also allow my baby hairs to breathe and not tugged all week.

Damaged And Thinning Edges

Use Natural Oils
If I really want to do a bun or halo twists, I can accomplish a sleek style using natural oils and whipped butters. For this (after my style is done), I would spray my baby hairs with water then add my castor oil or whipped butter. Then I would use my FINGERS to massage the oil/butter in as I style my baby hairs. Afterwards, I would wrap my satin scarf around my baby hairs and set.

This would ensure that I'm being proactive to fully massaging my baby hairs and to practice healthy hair care...which I would still get my sleek edges.

Word of Advice: ACT QUICKLY!

If you notice your breaking edges and continue with your malpractice of your hair, this can turn into traction alopecia...to where your hairline looks like it's moving back and your hairline follicles are severely damaged.

As you change your hair regimen, don't except your edges to grow completely back in 1 weeks. Just like building your credit, it will take some time to return your hairline back to it's former glory!

So definitely, do NOT use your boar bristle brush and edge control daily!

Check out more on how to care for your edges properly:

What have you written in your hair diary lately?

Not too hard, eh? If you need help to start or need more ideas for your hair diary, check out It Works - Keeping a Hair Diary.

Check out The Birth of my Natural, the beginning of my hair journey!

Natural hair says...keeping a hair diary can seem like so much work. But when you put the time in to create a hair diary, you can see the progress in your hair journey from your own words. After a few entries, you will be doing yours like clockwork. Try it!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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