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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Healthy Hair Ingredient | African Black Soap For Healthy Cell Regeneration

I have used ALAFFIA Authentic African Black Soap-Lavender Ylang Ylang, which would do an awesome job with my hair. After using my hair was so clean and felt so strong. It was one of my favorite sulfate-free and lather-free shampoos.

So I thought I would go to the source of the CLEAN...African Black Soap.

What is African black soap?

The traditional African black is made with: plantain skin ashes, cocoa pod leaves/powder, palm leaves, palm oil/palm kernel oil and Shea/cocoa butter.

What are the benefits of African black soap?

  • Treats and alleviates scalp irritation
  • Promotes softness, manageability, and shine
  • Gives healthy regeneration of skin cells
  • Alleviates stretch marks and blemishes/acne
  • Great cleanser to remove make-up and relieving dry skin

How To Use African Black Soap:

I purchase African Black Soap for the purpose of cleansing my face and hair.
Our Earth's Secrets - African Black Soap

For my face, I rinse my face with warm water. Then, I take a piece of the soap and lather in my hands and smooth the lather onto my face. Once completely covered, I leave on for a few minutes (2-5) then I rinse my face with warm water
The soap is very drying to the skin, but you will feel very clean. Be sure to use a natural moisturizer or cream after cleansing with the soap.
After doing my pre-poo treatment, I rinse my hair with warm water. Then, I take a piece of the soap and lather in my hands and smooth the lather into my scalp. I start at my temples and work my way in my hair ONLY cleansing the scalp. Once completely covered, I leave on for a few minutes (2-5) then I rinse my hair with warm water, then move on to deep conditioning my hair.

The soap is not as drying to my hair because of the pre-poo treatment, but it does cleanse my scalp very well.

How do I store African black soap?

Since the soap is soft and dissolves easily, African black soap should not be left in the shower or on your bathroom sink. Store in a dry container or Ziploc bag.

How do I know "this" African black soap is organic/real/the good stuff?

  1. African black soap is soft with no defined shape...Fakes are very hard and smoothed to a shape
  2. African black soap have no preservatives...Fakes absolutely do
  3. African black soap is an off-colored brown...Fakes are artificially black
  4. African black soap smells like "earth" or "dirt"...Fakes have an aromatic fragrance

Where can I purchase?

You may purchase from Amazon or from Our Earth's Secrets.

For more information, check out:

Natural hair says: if you are looking for a natural and organic way to cleanse your hair, use African Black Soap! But if you are looking to repair and clear your skin or acne and blemishes, definitely give African Black Soap a try!

Always Desire Your Natural,
Christina J

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