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Friday, July 27, 2018

My Hair Diary | Love Your Own Natural Curls

My Mane Speaks | Love Your Own Natural Curls

On July 8, I decided to wear my natural hair out because it's...

MY 29TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

...I wanted to be absolutely free and full of Afrotastic delight. When I looked in the mirror to get my birthday started, my Afro spoke to me:

"Now look at that sweet-looking Afro! You have my curls lookin' so fresh and so fly. You always do me so good."

My Mane Speaks | Love Your Own Natural Curls
"Sistah-gurl! You got the right products, the right mind-set, and the right style. Look at me now, looking all good and moisturized with my cute self. You really got me looking cute up in here."
My Mane Speaks | Love Your Own Natural Curls

"Look sugar, I love the twist outs and the extra styles you do when you wanna get creative. Butttttttt! Sometimes you just just gotta go go back to the simple thangs for me! I love the 'fro." 
My Mane Speaks | Love Your Own Natural Curls
"It's so easy to do and to keep me looking fresh like extra-churned butter. I just love the 'fro! Gurl, I love the curls!"

My Mane Speaks | Love Your Own Natural Curls

"Keep doing me good and I will keep growing for you! Keep lovin on me and I will love on you! Gurlllll, you keep me looking mighty nice!"

My Mane Speaks | Love Your Own Natural Curls

"Well, come on sugar! Let's get this 'fro going!!!! And get this birthday party started!!! You know we about to celebrated my 6th birthday...So let's go! We have got to show everyone how beautiful and elegant naps can be. I'm with you all the way, sistah-gurl!"

And I accepted every bit of what My mane had said to me.

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Natural hair says: let's make it a point to do the naps once in while. You don't have to wear your 'Fro every day, but it's nice to just put all the manipulation away and rock the 'fro 

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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