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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Crochet Braids | FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch

FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch

This is one of my favorite protective styles!

I am so excited about finally doing this hairstyle again! The last time I had faux locs was back in September 2017 (about a year ago). So it was definitely time to do this style again.

FreeTress Braid Soft Faux Loc Wavy Lite

Hair, Color, And Packs:

From the local beauty supply store, I decided to get:
Brand: FreeTress
Type: Soft Faux Loc Wavy Lite
Color: #OT30, 12 inches

Price: $6.99/pack (purchased 3 packs, 24 in each pack)

Prepping Natural Hair

I prepared my hair by doing my wash regimen and also heatless stretched my hair with the Bands N Twists method. Once my hair is fully dry, I parted my hair in 4 sections. I "bristed" (braiding at the root and twists down the hair shaft) my hair, which came to 70 braids/twists. This is called the Jazz Nicole 'bristing' method.
FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch
I moisturized with my Curls Blueberry Bliss Twist-N-Shout CreamHair and Body Butter, and Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel at my root for grip. Bristing my hair was the easiest part of this 2 part process. This took me 4 hours to do!

My Crochet Locs Experience:

Jazz Nicole 'bristing' method

When my braiding foundation was finished, I used my Hair And Body Oil to soothe my scalp. I decided this time around that I would start to wrap the base of the crochet locs around the root of my brist first, then to do the pull method for a more natural look.

FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch
When I was done with my crochet braids (after 5 hours), I thought they looked so chic and cute! I added jewels and string to my hair for a carefree style!
FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch

First Impression: Keeping Forever!

I absolutely love this style! Even though this took me 7+ hours, to do, I'm very pleased with how this turned out. Now I definitely will be keeping longer than 2 weeks, maybe even forever (LBVS). And let me say that my own hair is as long as the locs!! So if I want to do this style again, I'm going to have to figure out which locs to use next!!!

The jewels are a really nice touch to the style. I think this is absolutely beautiful! I got many compliments on it as well - and others even asked if I could do this style for them. Love ya, but nah fam!

FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch


Week 1: Easy To Keep With Maintenance

The last time I had locs, I took my hair out at 2 weeks because I didn't know how to moisturize my hair nor take care of my natural hair for that matter. But with the extra moisture I did before with my product, my hair will do just fine. So I moisturized and oiled my scalp at least twice a week. Then I would maintenance the locs by cutting the straggly hairs off, for a fresh look. Finally, I would add some butter to the locs to help them look shiny. This is an easy process to maintenance the locs!

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Natural hair says: do your research and find what hair and style would be best for you. If the hair for your protective style or crochet braids doesn't work, don't give up on the hair. Try the faux hair as another style bet suitable for that type of hair.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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