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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Weave Tips | FAQs Of FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch

FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch

So it has come to the end of my Faux Loc StyleI have received soooo many questions about my style. It's simple really...but I thought I go ahead and jot down the FAQs I have been getting about my hair and how to care for my hair during this long term:

Let's talk about them!

FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch


Now that I'm getting into having my locs, I thought it's just awesome that I get to begin my mornings when a "fluff" and go! At night I would put my locs into a pineapple and add a small amount of oil to my scalp, but that it about it! I do maintenance my locs every Saturday to make sure they are fresh for the week. Other than that, my locs are solid gold!

FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch
Week 3 Impression: NATURALE AT HER BEST
My hair is starting to look more natural with my new growth and edges popping out. So I add some edge control to make my edges more refined. I'm starting to do more styles like buns, updos, and other sculpted styles. I'm just excited I've kept my locs this long! I'll try one more week!!
FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch

Week 4 Impression: TIME TO TAKE OUT!
Well, here I am for week 4 and I'm still not ready to take my locs out! But, it's time to let my natural hair breathe. It took me 4 hours to take out over a two day period. When it came time to take my natural hair (brists) out, my hair was still moisturized and supple!
FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch
 What do you like about your faux locs?
First of all, this style is so easy to do! Even though this takes 7+ hours to finish this style, I say that this is so worth it. I also like that this is very cost-effective. I used 3 packs in creating 70 twists for a 4 week style. I say I got my money's worth! I would gladly do this again.

 Is it tough to care for your natural hair with faux locs?
Not at all. With a proper care to my natural hair before will create lasting moisture while my hair is in locs. So the only part of my natural hair I would need to worry about is my scalp and my edges. Once I took my hair out the locs, my hair was still moisturized!
FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch
Do your friends and family like your new style?
Absolutely! This is one of my "natural" style my family and friends adore! Especially my hubby, he loved my locs. I think it had more to do with not having to do my hair all the time and always being ready, but he definitely loved my locs.
Is there anything you would change about your faux locs?
At this time, no! However, the next time I do this style, I would need to get longer crochet locs because my hair is as long as the crochet locs I had this time.
Is there anything you regret about this style?
No regrets with this style. I would like to do the brists on one day and the crochet locs the next day, instead of doing it all the same day.
FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch

Are faux locs using the Jazz Nicole Method better than standard crochet locs?
Absolutely! I feel like you save more money by using 2.5 to 3 packs of hair for the Jazz Nicole Method locs rather than using 5-7 packs and it looks unnatural with lots of locs trying to cover the cornrow braids. I would only use the Jazz Nicole Method for locs.
Would you ever get locs permanently?
Oh yes! By the time I turn 40, I want to have locs permanently! I'm not sure if I want the traditional locs or sister locs. But I know that this is definitely the style for me soon!
FreeTress Braid 2X Soft Faux Loc Wavy 12 Inch

Natural hair says: when researching a style for a special day, be sure to try the hair to make sure it will be a great fit. Researching styles and hair weaves are not enough. Believe me...you do not want to be surprised on the day of.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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