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Monday, January 14, 2019

Hair Tips | African Threading To Stretch Natural Hair

How To | African Threading To Stretch Natural Hair

Let's go heatless blowout!!
I'm so excited to try this method for stretching my hair in a heatless fashion. African Threading or 'Nwele' (which means 'hair' in Swahili) originated in African for a safe way to stretch hair for wearing and styling. Sewing or weaving thread is used to stretch tightly coiled hair to its maximum length.

So here we go!

How To | African Threading To Stretch Natural Hair
I used ponytail holders and thread for a modified version, since it was a bit tough to wrap my roots with the weaving thread. 
Start on freshly washed  and conditioned hair. Air-dry until hair is about 80% damp.
How To | African Threading To Stretch Natural Hair
Measure the thread about 3 times the length of your hair  - My hair is at Arm Pit Length, so I measured from head to hip 3 times.

How To | African Threading To Stretch Natural Hair
With the first section, snugly (I didn't say tightly to wear it hurts) wound the thread a few times around the roots and twist around that section of hair until you reach the bottom. Detangle along the way when needed.
 Once you reach about 1/4 inch of the end, stop. Secure the thread by knotting ONCE in a bunny loop or a regular knot around the hair section - Once completed, I added oil to the ends.

The process took me about an 3 hours to complete! When my hair was shorter, it would take about an hour and 30 minutes. Check it out here: How To | African Threading For Heatless Blow Out

I absolutely love my shrinkage, but I can dig the blow out look!

How To | African Threading To Stretch Natural Hair

I use this process at least 4 times a year when I want to get a full stretched look without using a blow dryer.

Natural hair says: if you are looking for a heatless way to stretch your hair or get the blow out look, try African Threading! It's easy and definitely something to try.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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