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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Weave Tips | Freetress DEEP TWIST 10 Inch Crochet Braids

Freetress Crochet Braid DEEP TWIST 10 Inch

This style is absolutely beautiful!!

I've been wanting to try this Freetress Deep Twist pattern out for a long while now, which would definitely be out of my comfort zone from using Bohemian Braid for my crochet braid.

So, I got to thinking that it's definitely time for another crochet braids set and I decided to go ahead and step out with this new style! Let's see how this goes:

Hair, Color, And Packs

Freetress Crochet Braid DEEP TWIST 10 Inch
Brand: FreeTress

Type: Deep Twist 10 inch

Color: #2 (3 packs), #T30 (1 pack)

Price: $6.99/pack


Prepping Natural Hair

I prepared my hair by doing my wash regimen and also heatless stretched my hair with the African Threading To Stretch Natural Hair.

Once my hair was fully dry, I braided my hair in order to have a side part. I checked out Tastepink YouTube Channel for the side part. It's better if you check her page out...I cannot explain it in words...The top braids were much smaller than the ones in the back so the part would look natural.
Freetress Crochet Braid DEEP TWIST 10 Inch

Crochet Braids Process

The hair comes pre-parted, which I separated each "sectioned" strand by three or four.
Freetress Crochet Braid DEEP TWIST 10 Inch
For my side part, I add hair using the knotless method to create a natural part. Once all the hair was completely in the hair, I shaped the hair into a long bob with my hair shears.
Freetress Crochet Braid DEEP TWIST 10 Inch
This process took 5 hours. The hair resembles a flexi rod set, with lots of volume.

Freetress Crochet Braid DEEP TWIST 10 Inch
I love new style!!!

I'm planning to keep this style for about 4 week. Since this is a "shake and go" style, there is no extra styling necessary.

Natural hair says: Even if you think the curl pattern won't look good on you or the curl pattern is something new, try the hair anyways! You never know something unless you try it.
Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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