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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Weave Tips | The Journey and FAQs Of FreeTress Braid Deep Twist

Protective Style Series Vol 18 .1 | Freetress Crochet Braid DEEP TWIST 10 Inch  
So it has been 2 weeks of wearing my FreeTress Deep Twist! I have received soooo many questions about my style. It's simple really...but I thought I go ahead and jot down the FAQs I have been getting about my hair and how to care for my hair during this long term:

Let's talk about them!

Protective Style Series Vol 18 .1 | Freetress Crochet Braid DEEP TWIST 10 Inch  
I love new style!!! I'm planning to keep this style for about 4 weekS. Since this is a "shake and go" style, there is no extra styling necessary. For my side part, I added hair using the knotless method to create a natural part. This is one of the best style I have done that looks natural!

Week 1: Let's Try Some Bangs
Protective Style Series Vol 18 .1 | Freetress Crochet Braid DEEP TWIST 10 Inch  
Since we are heavy in the winter and the wind is blowing hard, my side part was being disrespected by the arctic chills and weather. So instead of trying to fix my part each day, I decided to add more crochet hair to my side part and cut the front into bangs. 

Protective Style Series Vol 18 .1 | Freetress Crochet Braid DEEP TWIST 10 Inch  
During the end of week one going into week two was a bit challenging. Not only would I need to cut the straggle hairs daily (which would cause me to reshape the hair), but I would have to constantly retighten my knots from being loosened every few days. This became a hassle and became a high manipulative style. So I decided that it was...TIME TO TAKE OUT!

But before I do, here are the FAQs of FreeTress Braid Deep Twist:

What do you like about your FreeTress Braid Deep Twist?
First of all, this style is so easy to do! Even though this took about 5 hours, it was a pretty simple experience...just binge on movies or a series to keep you going.
Freetress Crochet Braid DEEP TWIST 10 Inch

How do you make your hair look real? How you get that natural part?
I checked out Tastepink YouTube Channel and she does a great job teaching the natural side part. Check her channel out!

How does your crochet hair behave? Does it tangle and mat?
The hair doesn't mat too badly...but it does "shed" alot because of the loosened knots.

Is it tough to care for your natural hair with FreeTress Braid Deep Twist?
Honestly, this is a high manipulative bundle to care for. I had to reshape and retighten my crochet braids from every few days to every SINGLE day. After a while, it wasn't worth keeping this style any longer than 2 weeks.

The Future Of FreeTress Braid Deep Twist

Would I get this hair again?
Absolutely not! I am not planning on purchasing this hair again.

Would I recommend?
I definitely DO NOT recommend this hair!
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Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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