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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Holiday Hair | Black History Month: African Garb Inspiration

Holiday Hair | Black History Month: African Garb Inspiration 
This year (2019) at Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Assembly presents: Black History Month | African Garb Inspiration to give appreciation to those before us to gain Black Liberties and Rights. Each Sunday during the month of February we also acknowledged pioneers of Black History of: Mary McLeod Bethune, William Joseph Seymour, Amanda Berry-Smith, and a brief history of ushers in the African American church. 

Here are a few pictures taken of my family dress in our African Royalty!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Weave Tips | Enhance Natural Hair With Ponydo Motown Curlable

How To | Enhance Natural Hair With A New Afro Drawstring
Since my last drawstring Afro article, my actual drawsting Afro was getting a bit dry and the curls were becoming tangled...

For Black History Month 2019, I wanted to go all out with my hair! I decided to purchase TWO drawstring Afro puffs to have a full head of hair. And since I was going to do an African dance with the Christ Temple Women's Dance Ministry, I wanted to make sure my hair was ready for morning worship. 

Let's Get To Dancing!

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