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Monday, April 1, 2019

Natural Hair Tutorial | Create Your Own Hair Donut For The Perfect Bun

Create Your Own Hair Donut For The Perfect Bun
When it comes to an easy protective style, I will say doing a Bun is my absolute favorite. There are many ways to do a bun, but having a hair donut takes all the guess work of having the perfect bun.

 Instead of puchasing the hair donuts that have the mesh (which can break your hair off) or the donuts have that the synthetic hair (which is just weird to me), you can make your own Satin-Lined Hair Donut!

Check out how!

Create Your Own Hair Donut For The Perfect Bun

You Will Need:

Mesh Hair Bun (purchase at any store)
Satin Hair Scarf (purchase at beauty supply store)
Needle and Thread (preferable black)

Make Your Hair Donut:

Create Your Own Hair Donut For The Perfect Bun
Fold your scarf in half and cut it down the middle, according to the size needed for your hair donut. You will use one of the halves for the hair donut. 

Fold the scarf you are using in half, then sew the open ends together to create a cylinder shape. Be sure to sew the ends close to together.
Create Your Own Hair Donut For The Perfect Bun

Pull the ends of the satin scarf through the hole of the hair donut, then fold one side of the material over the hair donut. Be sure it is a bit snug to the hair donut. Sew the ends of the satin scarf to the hair donut for more security.

Create Your Own Hair Donut For The Perfect Bun
Pull the other side of the satin scarf over the hair donut, then pull the hair donut to make sure there is enough fabric covering it. Once you have enough, cut the excess piece of the satin scarf. Then, sew the cut ends of the satin scarf to the hair donut.

Create Your Own Hair Donut For The Perfect Bun

Then you are ready to use it!

How To Add Hair Donut To Your Own Hair:

It is best to do this style on stretched hair...I did my wash regimen and African Threading (for heatless method for stretching my hair). Make sure to moisturize your hair before beginning this style.
First, put your hair into a ponytail. You may go for the high or low bun. 

Second, pull your ponytail through the hold of the Hair Donut to the base of your ponytail. Be sure to get ALL of your hair through the hole the ponytail through the hole in your sock donut. 

Inspired by: Alica James: The Perfect Low Bun
Then, spread and separate your own hair around the Hair Donut for an even shape. Once your hair is even spread, cover the Hair Donut with your own hair with the security of a hair tie until the tips are completely folded under the Hair Donut. 

(This step can take some time to make sure that your hair is completely covering the Hair Donut, so take your time)

Once you are completely satisfied with your bun (and you can't see the Hair Donut), add some gel to your edges for a sleek look. 

There you go!

The Perfect Bun

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Natural hair says: if you are in need of some styling inspiration, check out natural hair styles on YouTube to do something new with your hair!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J 

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