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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Product Review: Sensationnel Jumbo Braid Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands

Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 

The last time I did this style was June 2018 as my summer style...and I ready to do it again for Spring Break 2019! So, I did my research again and found that the Sensationnel Jumbo Braid was the absolute best and easiest hair for simple box braids. 

However, this time I was going to use black rubber bands to see how they differ from using the clear rubber bands. On paper, I found the difference between the black and clear rubber bands are:
  1. Clear - breaks easily either putting in or during wear...Black - very durable
  2. Clear - wrap thrice and snug...Black - wrap many times and tight
  3. Clear - can see at the base of the braids...Black - unable to detect because of color
So, my thinking is the black rubber bands would be better to use than the clear rubber bands. So let's try this style out!

Price, Length, and Packs:

1.99/24 inch (3.5 packs)

Product Description:

Hot water braid - Light and soft - Tangle free - Easy brushing and Separating

The Style:

Products: braiding hair, black elastic rubber bands, light oil (Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil), rat-tail comb,

The rubber band method: section your natural hair in 1-2 inch parts and securing each part at the root with a rubber band. This method will allow the install and grip of the hair to be easier, ease the tension of the braids, and your hair is already pre-sectioned for braiding.

My Experience:

 After parting my natural hair in 1 inch sections for the rubber band method, I began to braid my hair. Here are some tutorials to help you understand the rubber band method more:
Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 

Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 
When stretching the braiding hair, my hair was pretty long (waist length). I decided to keep my hair long, with no cutting necessary. Then I boiled my braids (no burning) to seal the ends. When I was done with my braids, I added some edge control to my edges and oil to my scalp.
This style took 7 hours to do! Longer than the first time of 4 hours.

Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 


Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 
I absolutely love this style! Honestly, this was the easiest style that I could do with some weave! The best thing about this style is that it cost under $10 instead of $180 at the braiding shop. 

I will say that I was pretty intimidated with using the black rubber bands in my hair. Instead of wrapping each base for the braid thrice, I had to wrap around my hair numerous times because black rubber bands are so durable. So I already knew my scalp will be pretty tight and irritated. However, I did so much research to make sure I would be able to pull this style off. 

The braiding hair I used made this braiding process so easy and stress-free. The hair is tangle-free and it was very easy to work with. Even though the hair is waist length, I thought it looked really nice. So I decided not to cut my hair shorter. I did the hot water boiling method to seal the ends of my hair. Then I add some oil to my scalp to soothe and to help with the tightening of the rubber bands. 


Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 
So Spring Break is over! I'm so happy I had these braids during the week. They were absolutely helpful when I wanted to get up and go. The braids were so easy to manage and much better for me than doing a bun or my hair daily. I don’t need to wear any Edge Control, since my baby hairs are still snatched in the braids. This doesn't hurt at all...my edges are very clean. I have noticed a few pieces of hair across my scalp from one braids going into another braid. 

That could have something to do with catching a few hairs while wrapping my rubber bands around the bases...and I'm just noticing it! This isn't bothering me right now, but I know as my hair grows out this will cause those random strands to be loosened...so we shall see.

Other than that, style is holding up and the ends look good!

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Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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