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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Box Braids | The Journey Of Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands And Sensationnel Jumbo Braid

Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 

So 2 more weeks have passed...and I am ready to take my hair out! I'm absolutely loving my braids with the weather being hot...then cold...then rainy...so having braids definitely help with the craziness of the weather. I will say that I am ready to take my hair out and see my natural hair again.


Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 
My braids are looking very beautiful and makes me feel really good. They are not as tight as they were in the beginning. However, I will say that my scalp is stating to become very itchy and irritate. It could either be the alkaline on the hia ror the rubber bands on my scalp...or a a combination of both. The black rubber bands have been popping on my scalp here and there, which don't hurt much but it does get irritating to see them sticking out at the base of my braids.

Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 
I do enjoy wearing my braids in different styles, but my favorite is wearing my hair down on one side. I just think that style is very feminine and makes me feel very good. I do oil my scalp more often now since my scalp is very irritated...


This is the week I will take out my hair...I just can't do this style anymore. I absolutely love the braids, but my scalp feels like it's on fire!!! I have done all I could to try to keep my braids for week 4, but my scalp is so raw and itchy that it was just time to take them out and get a handle on my natural hair. 

So I decided to take them out at the end of the week 3...and that was that!


I will say that there are a few great things I love about the style...but for this set of braids, the bad outweighed the good:

Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 
  1. Prewash the synthetic hair in Apple Cider vinegar to rinse the alkaline off the hair. I learned about this from Naptural8Get Rid Of Itchy Synthetic Hair w/ QUICK VINEGAR RINSE - White Vinegar DEMO 
  2. Do not use black rubber bands!!!!! Use the clear ones.
  3. Make sure to braid your natural hair in the synthetic hair correctly! 
  4. Be careful how you wrap the rubber bands...so your won't have random pieces from one braid into another braid.

All I have to say is...

...Good riddance...

Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 

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Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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