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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Box Braids | FAQs Of Rubber Band Braids

Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 

So it has come to the end of my Rubber Band Braids! I have received soooo many questions about my style. It's simple really...but I thought I go ahead and jot down the FAQs I have been getting about my hair...

Let's talk about them!

What do you like about your Rubber Band Braids?
First of all, this style is so easy to do! Even though this takes 7+ hours to finish this style, I say that this is so worth it. I also like that this is very cost-effective. I used 3.5 packs in creating 70+ braids for a 3 week style. I say I got my money's worth! I would gladly do rubber band braids again.

Is it tough to care for your natural hair with this style?
Not at all. With a proper care to my natural hair before I do my rubber band braids will maintain moisture. So the only part of my natural hair I would need to worry about is my scalp and my edges. That's not tough to do.
Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 

Do your friends and family like your Rubber Band Braids?
Absolutely! Box braids are a staple in my family and once my sisters saw my style, they wanting to know how it was does as well so they can do the style too! 

Is there anything you would change about your Rubber Band Braids?
Absolutely!!! I would never use black rubber bands again. This experiment was needed because I didn't see too many reviews about using black rubber bands for the rubber band braids, but I would definitely never use them again. Even though the clear rubber bands break easily and they can be seen at the base, I rather use them than the black rubber bands. As for the hair, I absolutely loved how easy it was to use the hair. It was easy to separate the hair for my braids and the hot water boiling method was very simple to do.

Is there anything you regret about this style?
Black rubber bands...

Rubber Band Braids Feat. Black Rubber Bands 
Is the the rubber band method better than standard box braids?
Absolutely! I feel like you save more time and effort by doing this style myself than going to the braiding salon. Also! I have NO GRIP whatsoever. So using the rubber bands to create a braiding base helps with those who are not able to grib the natural hair to add the braiding hair. 

The Future Of Rubber Band Braids

Would I get this hair again?
I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this hair! I would get this hair again. The black rubber bands...no!

Would I recommend?

I definitely recommend this hair!

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Natural hair says: when researching a style for a special day, be sure to try the hair to make sure it will be a great fit. Sometimes you have to try the style for yourself to be your own product review and to helps others wondering the same thing.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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