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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Crochet Braids | Sensationel Synthetic Lulutress 2X 3B Curly

Lulutress Crochet Hair 
I have been waiting on hair like this!

I've been wanting to try a style that would resemble a wash n go and that would be easy to maintain for the next few weeks. So I went to my beauty supply store and found these new packages of hair called Lulutress. This must be something new, because I have never seen this brand before. But I'm so glad I did. 

And to shake things up for me, I decided to get a bold red color to match the hair wax I have been playing with for the past few weeks. 

Let's have some fun!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Product Review: Mofajang Temporary Hair Coloring Styling Cream Mud Dye (Red)


The last time I had any kind of color on my natural hair was back in 2011, when I had a relaxer! Henna (protein treatment) added a faint reddish hue, but I was really inspired to try a hair color from Naptural85. So I decided to pick up a color myself! So let's try this:

Product Name:

MOFAJANG Hair Coloring Material* 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Natural Hair Inspiration | Criss Cross Rubber Band Braids and Drawstring Afro Puff

Image result for rubber band afro puff
Image Credit: Black Hair Information | Criss Cross Rubber Band Braids 

Check out this rubber band criss-cross style! I think this is so pretty and with the added jewelry and charms looks so beautiful. So I thought I give this a try with my Drawstring Puff! So here is my style for the week: Criss Cross Rubber Band Braids and Drawstring Afro Puff 

Let's Get Started!

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