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Sunday, October 27, 2019

My 7th Year Nappyversary | Learning From A Terrible Year

Fine And High Density Hair Growth

I have reached 7 years natural!

So to commemorate this special day let's look at the growth of my hair over the year. .I am proud to say that the growth I have retained from October 2018  to October 2019 is... 

*drum roll please*

No retained growth...lost 4 inches!!!!!

Fine And High Density Hair Growth

Mistakes Made:

Stopped Making DIY Products
I have always enjoyed creating my own products, which would allow me to keep up with my hair. The moment I stopped creating my own products, I stopped caring for my hair. I lost a lot of length by split endssingle strand knots, and breakage.
Crown Breakage Is Real! 4 Tips To Re-Evaluate Your Hair Regimen

Not Wrapping My Hair At Night
Sleeping on a satin pillow case definitely does not work for me. I need to get back to my regimen of my Bedtime Routine For Natural Hair.

Not Being Healthy Physically
This is just common sense. To have healthy hair is to be healthy on the side with healthy food and abundant water. So I’ll do much better with that. It is definitely important to be healthy on the inside to show healthy hair, skin, and nails on the outside.


Better Eating Lifestyle & Drinking Water
Even though my hair experienced lost of breakage on my own fault, I have really tried to add healthy fruits and vegetables to my eating habits. I love water! So I would always carry 5 bottles of water during the day to help remind me to drink my daily water intake (8 cups of water). Not only am I healthy on the inside, but my hair is receiving great benefits from my eating habits.

Back To Making DIY Products
I started back up on my Kitchenista habits by making my own DIY products. This is something I am going to take into the new year of 2020. So I am making: Rhassoul Clay OR Mud Wash, Standard Henna For HairRice Water RinseFlaxseed GelGreen Tea, and more! 

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Natural hair says: there is no product to promote hair growth. It's all about retaining the length grown. Just keep your regimen simple for healthy hair!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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