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Sunday, December 29, 2019

My Hair Diary | My Top 3 Natural Hair Mistakes In 2019

My Hair Diary | My Top 5 Natural Hair Mistakes In 2019

Understanding A Terrible Year...

2019 was a terrible year of not taking care of my hair, with the great regret of split ends and single strand knots. This was the worst year my hair went through of really just not...taking care of it.

However, with these mistakes and failures also comes realization through enlightenment. If I acknowledges these mistakes and failures of 2019, I will be able to move on to a newer and healthier hair journey. 

Here are my top 3 natural hair mistakes of 2019:

Stopping The Ayurveda and DIY Projects
I have always enjoyed creating my own products, which would allow me to keep up with my hair. The moment I stopped creating my own products, I stopped caring for my hair. I lost a lot of length by split ends, single strand knots, and breakage.

Not Wrapping My Hair At Night
Sleeping on a satin pillow case definitely does not work for me. I need to get back to my regimen of my Bedtime Routine For Natural Hair.

Not Being Healthy Physically
Don't Be Intimidated By The Sweat! Tips To Help You Get A Good Workout 

This is just common sense. To have healthy hair is to be healthy on the side with healthy food and abundant water. So I’ll do much better with that. It is definitely important to be healthy on the inside to show healthy hair, skin, and nails on the outside.

This is what a healthy hair journey is about! If you do not make the mistakes of going through the failures, there would be no way to make yourself better at caring for your own hair.

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Natural hair says: setting goals for your hair journey are based on knowing your mistakes and failures of the past. That's is how you are able to have a successful healthy hair journey.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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