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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

My Hair Diary | Ayurveda & Healthy Hair Ingredients

Have you been keeping up with your hair diary?! I know I have!

Journal It! App
From July 2011 - December 2019 I have kept my hair diary on an iPad app called: "My Wonderful Days," in which I could add pictures, videos, and of course my writing entries. All yearly hair diaries have been updated to my Google Books!

Since January 2020, I keep my hair diary on my Google Chromebook called: "Journal It! App" I can organize my hair diary by: Journeys, Activities, Tags, Categories, People, and Places. I can also add: habit tracker, mood tracker with detailed emotions, and notes/lists/to-dos to each of the entries. The best part is the PDF export, which I can continue to add my yearly hair diaries to my Google Books!

I will share my entry that I posted on January 17, 2020:

My Hair Diary | Ayurveda & Healthy Hair Ingredients

Beautiful Natural Sings...Ayurveda is my jam!

It's been about a month since starting back up my ayurveda journey (since December 2019). I must say that i am loving every moment of it. I really enjoy making my pre poo of coconut oil with Aloe Vera Gel (plant)

I have also picked back up creating other DIY products like:
Aloe Vera Gel (plant)

DIY Naptural85's PERFECT Flaxseed Hair Gel 

Rice Water Rinse 
Standard Henna Treatment 

I am enjoying the beginnings of my ayurveda journey and cannot wait to see where I end up by April 2020!

What have you written in your hair diary lately?

Not too hard, eh? If you need help to start or need more ideas for your hair diary, check out It Works - Keeping a Hair Diary.

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Natural hair says...keeping a hair diary can seem like so much work. But when you put the time in to create a hair diary, you can see the progress in your hair journey from your own words. After a few entries, you will be doing yours like clockwork. Try it!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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