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Monday, April 27, 2020

Hair Tips | REPOST: 10 Tips to Longer, Healthier Natural Hair

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Growing your hair to a desired length should not be rocket science!!!

I see so many ladies saying "I wish my hair would grow!" "Why can't I have your hair?" "What do I need to do to have long hair?!" And the ones with long hair getting the questions are giving the answers over and over and over. 

Growing your hair that you want depends on how you treat your hair. The question you should be asking yourself is, "Do you love your hair?"

To really show your hair all the love it needs to grow longer, healthier natural hair, try these tips:

Have patience

natural hair gurus
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It is so important to remember to have patience when growing your hair. That can take from learning your hair, knowing what products to use, and let your hair have the time it needs to grow.

Work in sections

Working in sections allows you to concentrate on small parts of your hair, while loving on all of your hair but not at the same time. You will be less frustrated and more eager to care for your hair when tackling it in sections. This will also allow you to keep hair on your head, instead of trudging through and losing more hair than you should.

Massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp regularly increases the blood circulation which will help promote growth. This is one of my favorite parts of my hair care: 1) it can help you to relax and distress and 2) you are loving on your hair to help it to grow. It is best to massage your scalp daily, but 3 times a week a good enough. So get your favorite oil and get to massaging! 

Change the way you wash your hair

Scrubbing and rubbing your hair is not the way to go. You will get more tangles and matted hair by that practice. Instead, put your hair into 4-6 loose two strand twists to make it easier to wash your scalp. When your scalp is cleanse, run the excess product down the twists along with the water. You are to cleanse your scalp, not so much your hair.

Keep your hair moisturized

How To Moisturize And Seal Hair Effectively 
Keeping your hair moisturized is definitely a key to have healthy hair and to grow your hair long. Make sure that your moisturizer has water as the first ingredient. When your hair is moisturized, your hair is not too susceptible to breakage and split ends. Don't forget to add your favorite oil or cream to seal the moisture in! Locking in the moisture keeps your hair from drying out during the day and prevents damage to your ends.

Less is more

I don't know about you, but my hair thrives on protective styling. The reason is because my hair is left alone and I'm able to moisturize it without manipulating my hair. You can also keep low manipulation styles for 4 days to a week. Basically, when you deal with your hair less and less, you are growing your hair more and more. See if you like low manipulation styles or protective styles.

Heat-free styling options

Image Credit: GlamLush Hair
Heat dries out your hair and can cause more frizz than non-heat options and styles. Use rollers, twists, and African Threading to stretch your hair for your styling options. Also, there is NO WAY to fix heat damage!

Eat more protein and drink plenty of water

First of all, you need to eat correctly for healthy hair anyways. However, hair is made up of keratin (protein) so getting enough of it in your diet will keep the hair on your head. Don't forget to get at least 8 cups of water daily to feed your body and your hair.

Reduce stress

When you are stressed, everything about your body is stress and tries to fix the situation. Your body goes into the "fight or flight" mode, which makes your body try to dissolve the situation. So you may see your hair falling out or your hair breaking off easily when you are ill, working too hard, thinking too much, or just doing anything but relaxing. Your body needs to rest everyday to replenish the energy that was spent. Don't forget to woo-sah when you need to do it the most.

Protect your hair at night

Make sure that you have a healthy bedtime routine for your hair. Whether you like to sleep on a satin pillowcase or a bonnet, protective your hair at night will minimize the damage to your hair. Sleeping on cotton pillowcases will cause friction to your hair, which will increase the damage to your hair.

What are your tips to grow healthy natural hair?

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Natural hair says: take the time to learn your hair before you try to grow your hair. Your hair is unique, so not everything you read and see may work for you. Give yourself time to develop your regimen for your hair health for hair growth.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. Mona F.7/02/2015

    Easier said that done! But I need to give this a try. Looks so simple but caring for natural hair (hair in general) can be so tough. I'm gonna start with how to learn my hair. I never done tests for my hair before. Can be a change for me. I'll check these out!

  2. Oh most definitely! Once you learn your hair, then you will be able to follow through from there. Give it a try!!

  3. I just went natural and I'm looking to grow my hair long too. But I know I have to be patient. Just so hard when I see long-haired naturals...but they go through the journey too. I'm just so impatient lol but I know this will be a great journey for me

  4. Yes patience is the key. It is called a journey for a reasons. Love where your hair is at now and learn more about your hair. It will be a great journey for you!


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