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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Hair Tips | How To Moisturize And Seal Hair Effectively

Hair Tips | How To Moisturize And Seal Hair Effectively

The way I care for my hair has gotten better over the years!

At the beginning of my hair journey, I did not know how to moisturize my hair let alone know how to even have and keep healthy hair. 

But then that's when I learned lots of helpful information on how to have and retain healthy hair from Curly Nikki, Black Girl Long Hair, Black Hair Information, and Naturally Curly. I also saw how this was done on YouTube and took my hair's health in my own hands.

My hair needed moisture!

Well, one thing I learned is that the more kinkier the hair, the drier it is because it is tough for the scalp's natural oils to get down the strands and to the ends. So the hair basically feels and looks dry with no shine to it.

My hair is dry all the time! What am I doing wrong?

You are moisturizing dirty hair!

Cleanse your hair when needed and try not to be on a schedule so much. Don't moisturize your hair with product, oil, and flaky build-up on your hair.
Hair Tips | How To Moisturize
And Seal Hair Effectively

You are moisturizing...but are you sealing in that moisture?

I would always use my leave-in conditioner and daily moisturizers everyday and find that by the middle of the afternoon my hair would be dry, stiff, and crunchy. I mean, I would be at work and be so embarrassed that my hair was straight up chicken-scratch! Water eventually evaporates. Make sure you  seal in the moisture with oils and/or butter.

So you think oils and butters are moisturizers???

Oils and butters are great for sealants, but make sure you are using a water-based moisturizer on your hair first.

You love on your roots and forget to moisturize your ends

Make sure you are loving your ends the most when moisturizing your hair, maybe even more than your hair strands. Start with the ends of your hair and work your way up so you don't forget to love on your ends.

I admit I'm doing one or all of them...how can I fix this?

Try pre-pooing and/or hot oil treatments

If you use shampoo, you may experience a bit of drying due to the sulfates in the product to cleanse your hair completely (unless you have a sulfate-free shampoo). Pre-pooing or doing a hot oil treatment will cause the hair to not be completely stripped of all the natural oil in your hair to protect your hair to be completely dry from the shampoo used.
Hair Tips | How To Moisturize And Seal Hair Effectively

Do regular deep conditioning treatments

If moisturizing and sealing is not working for you, then your hair could be due for washing and deep conditioning. When you deep condition your hair, the moisture is flooded back into your hair strands for awesome moisture and hair health.  Then move on to your moisturizing and sealing process.

Use 100% water and/or water-based moisturizers

Water is the only product that can moisturize your hair 100% of the time. However, if you do use a moisturizer, make sure that water is the first ingredient of your product. That is how you know if your moisturizer will make sure your hair gets moisturize effectively.

Seal the moisture with oils and/or butters

Hair Tips | How To Moisturize 
And Seal Hair Effectively
After your hair has been moisturized, make sure to seal in that moisture with your oil and/or butter. The ends are the oldest part of your hair, so be sure to care for them effectively.

Sleep with a silk/satin scarves and bonnets

Once your hair is moisturized and sealed to perfection, make sure you wrap your hair with a silk or satin SOMETHING for the night! There is no point if you don't cover your hair for bed at night.

Natural hair says: if you are unsure why your hair is so dry, breaking in the breeze, or feels crunchy, check how and what you are using to moisturize and seal your hair. Try these tips to help you with your hair health and for your hair to remain healthy.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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