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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Contributing Article | How To Teach Your Daughter To Care For Her Own Hair

Image Credit: Tricia's Naturals
If I have a daughter in the future, this would most likely be us
...sharing our hair journey together!

This article came from 2 places from my heart:
  1. I have 3 sisters who struggle with their hair sometimes, because they never learned how to care for their own hair. properly.
  2. If I have a little girl in the future, I would definitely pass down "hair care tips," so she wouldn't have to go through what I went through - trial and error (mostly error).
It was two years ago that I just started caring for my hair properly. I went from being relaxed to transitioning and now full-on natural. Sometimes, I still struggle with hair care and styling options for me. It is a process to learn to care for your hair, but I wish that I learned to care for my hair sooner than now.

There are women that say they learned how to do their hair when they were 10 and have been doing their own hair ever since. There are others who have always gone to get their hair done and have not cared for their own hair before.

Then you have the women who have just started their own healthy hair journey and are learning to care for their hair from trial and error.

What is the best way we can help our daughters learn how to care for their own hair?

Honestly, my heart melts when I see a little girl on YouTube show us how she cares for her hair or see a little 5 year old do two strand twists for her style of choice.

How can we encourage our daughters, nieces, little sisters, and other little girls to learn how to care for their hair at an early age?

Check out How To Teach Your Daughter To Care For Her Own Hair on Black Hair Information to learn these great tips for yourself and your daughter.

Natural hair says: as you teach your daughter how to care for her own hair, she will be more confident when it comes to her hair as she gets older. She will learn your methods and develop her own regimen for her own hair. Your daughter caring for her hair will make you a proud momma and you can safely say that you have passed something valuable to her in the process.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

1 comment:

  1. Koreen5/27/2015

    Love the article. It's so nice to see young, black girls accept and love their own kinky hair. If I had a daughter, I would share my tips with her early on.


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