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  1. Anonymous7/05/2016

    Nice! What made you want to start your own blog and be a guest writer? Just thinking about starting my own blog, but not sure where to start...

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I started my own blog because 1) I started to run out of data on my Ipad to keep my hair diary, 2) I've always wanted to have an outlet to place my own thoughts, dreams, and outcomes, 3) I wanted to share my diary publicly with everyone. I'm always about helping others - whether a comment was made or not. As for becoming a guest writer, I wanted to expand my writer's ability and to 'feel' what it's like to really be a writer. I absolutely love to blog, so I wanted my writings to go on a bigger and more established scale. I suggest to start your own blog to 1)write what you know and want to share, 2) do your research on platforms, blog sites, etc. 3) just go for it! Having a blog is absolutely awesome and it's all yours!

  3. Anonymous2/15/2017

    Awesome articles! I absolutely love the natural hair movement ones. Do you still write for other websites? How could I get my start on writing for other websites? And I do love your blog :)


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