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About Christina J

Hey there!

My name is Christina J. I am a goofy optimist who does not just talk, but makes things happen. I love DIY crafts and to cook in my awesome kitchen (Pinterest and LifeHacks are on speed dial).

My hobbies are dance, scrapbooking, planning events, creating dvds of family and friends (events and special moments), writing love/natural hair poems, and creating gospel lyrics.

I love natural hair and have been natural since October 2012. I have kept my hair diary since 2011, on the app "My Wonderful Days" and have updated it every 2 weeks (when I first started to transition). In June 2014, I decided to start Desire My Natural! to tell others of my hair journey (and I was running out of data on my iPad) along with other quirky topics as well.

This blog covers wall to wall: how to keep and update your hair diary, being a kitchenista, roses and duds, family vs. hair, hair and faux hair tutorials, weaves and other store-bought hair, my mane speaking, and so much more. As I share, help, encourage, and support other in their healthy hair journey, I am continuing on my own.

I live in Indy with my loving husband and my charismatic baby boy. They are the best entities in my life. I am so honored and blessed to have them as my family!!!

Stay tuned and enjoy!

Christina J

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Desire My Natural is my personal blog.

The pictures and information provided are based off my own personal experiences and intense research of medical publications and articles, blogs, videos, and books for your enjoyment.

If you have medical issues or other conditions, contact your doctor or physician immediately.