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Hair Journey

Relaxed to transitioning to heat damage to being 6 years natural, check out my hair journey!

1989: Born #TeamNatural
Of course I was not aware of my hair yet. But my mommy adorn and used colorful d├ęcor to make my hair pretty. I was rocking my natural too!

2007-2008: The Irony | Relaxed And Confused

When I first got a relaxer, I loved the way my hair swayed and flowed in the wind. She was so pretty...but my hair started breaking off and I was not sure what to do...what's going on?!

2009: Ear Length and Depressed
Where did my hair go?! I was still getting relaxers, but my hair went from neck length to breaking off to my ears. My hair was so uneven and staggered! I eventually got it cut into a tapered-bob.

2010: Colored, Relaxed, and Damaged
I wanted a change...caramel blonde it is. I continued getting relaxers and my hair pitter-pattered to neck length. I was a product junkie too...trying anything and everything to grow my hair. I was always in the hair aisle during grocery store runs.

2011-2012: Had Enough and Starting Fresh
I started to take an interest in having natural hair. I wanted to try something new and getting relaxers continuously caused my hair to break and be brittle. I got a tapered cut with about 3 inches on top. I could have done the Big Chop, but I chose to transition. I cut the last few bits in October '12. I'm ready to be a full-on naturalista and learn how to care for my own hair.

2013: New Me! New Naturalista!
I'm so happy about my TWA...and messed it up by getting a partial sew-in because I didn't know what to do with my natural (permed perimeter, smh)...but I cut the permed edges and it grew back *whew*. I love being natural and I'm choosing to continue on my natural hair journey.

2014: Finding What's Best For Me

I've tried everything from conditioners to oils and I am narrowing down what is good for my hair. I know how to do cute styles (natural and faux hair). My hair has reached a little past shoulder length! I am on my way to my next milestone...healthy, bra strap length!

2015: DIY Fanatic

I've exchange most of my commercial products for all kinds of herbs, oils, juices, and clays to use for my hair...and I absolutely love it! I love creating my own products and I have seen healthier, shinier, stronger, and retained length just by switching to Green.

October 1, 2015: Big Chop #2

 For my 3rd year Nappyversary, I decided to do Big Chop #2 to celebrate my 3rd year of being natural and to cut all the heat damage out! Going into year 3 with a TWA will be something different with excitement, determination, and real love for my own natural hair.

After that terrible/exciting/frightening/anxious/awesome day in October 2015, I was determined to grow and retain the healthiest hair I could. So I went back to the basics: massage, detangle with fingers, deep condition, and protective styles. No magic vitamins nor products needed.

2017: The Transitional Year
My 5th Year Nappyversary | Mini Chop 3.0 And No More Heat
My Hair Diary | My Top 6 Natural Hair Mistakes In 2017
Remember when I got my hair flat ironed for my 4th year nappyversary? I made sure my natural hair was prepared for straightening, I reviewed the mistakes I made the last time the flat ironed gave me heat damage, and I even tried to use the best product I could find for using a flat iron. Well, guess what happened to my hair on my 5 years of being natural??? I CUT 5 INCHES!!! 

2018: Balanced And Healthy

My 6th Year Nappyversary | Fine Natural Hair Growth In A Year
My Hair Diary | My Top 5 Natural Hair Mistakes In 2018
Now that all the heat damage is behind me, I have awesome products, and a fool proof regimen, my hair is on her way to thriving! I am now at Bra Strap Length - the longest I have ever been!!

2019: Terrible Year Of Breakage
My 7th Year Nappyversary | Learning From A Terrible Year 
My Hair Diary | My Top 3 Natural Hair Mistakes In 2019 
This was a terrible year of not caring for my hair and experiencing lots of breakage. My hair is back to Arm Pit Length, but I'm determined to have healthy and voluminous hair!

Update Coming Soon October 2020!

Fine and High Density Growth January to May 2020

To learn more about my Hair Journey, Check Out The Birth of my Natural

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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