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I absolutely love doing natural hair interviews and features for other websites. I do them because my hair journey has really been that...a journey...yea...and I feel like I went through from the time I got a relaxer until I chopped the rest of my transition off. The natural hair features page entails the features I contributed to other sites contributing my hair story with others. I do this in hopes to inspire others that there is life after death...in this case hair.

Each feature tells my story, but has something unique and different on each website. Check out my features and check out the many websites I am featured on as well. Enjoy!

Whoa, I'm just humbled and speechless!!!The thing is...I didn't even know I was on Essence.com until my friend texted me as I was coming home from work, "Hey Girl! Want to let you know I saw you on Essence...looking good :-) I know you are sooooooo excited!!! Congrats...awesome!" I had to call her to verify! [Read More]

Just Grow Already | Christina J Hair Story Feature
A Head Of My Hair | Featuring Christina J 
Curly Nikki | Christina J Is Naturally Glam! 

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